Monday, June 1, 2009

Drama on The Lake.

I awoke at 5.30 this morning to the sound of a mosquito buzzing around my head. Looking out the windows at The Lake I saw the most amazing sight - pink water! The entire lake was the most beautiful shade of pink. I got up and looked out at my most favorite view (Except for julia). Harry The Heron was stationed strategically by the pier searching the water for an early breakfast morsel. There, he got one. Suddenly, I saw and heard the most terrifying sight and sound on The lake - the male swan. He was running across the water, his neck stretched straight out in front of him and his huge 7 or 8 foot span wings smashing into the water on either side of him. He was in attack mode! And what was he attacking? Two Canada Geese that he apparently perceived as a threat to his future family and who were at least a quarter of a mile from his mate and their nest. He continued across the water closing the distance to the two Geese fast, when he got about 50 feet away from them the Geese took off and flew away. The swan stopped and settled onto the water, his work done, for the moment. Other "threats" would arise throughout the day and he would be ready to face them all. It is remarkable to me that the Geese, Ducks and other birds return after his scary behaviour. But return they do, only to be seen off again and again.

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  1. Hi David - I awoke to a similar view early this morning - not woken by a mosquito though - I came into the kitchen to get a drink and the entire lake was pink. this is in stark contrast to the weekend when the lake looked like an ocean with white caps and was really quite scary. My favourite time of day is sunset - we have the most perfect beautiful view - we feel we are living in paradise most of the time. Martin has done a wonderful job landscaping and planting and I just love flowers (well my middle name is Rose!!) Growing up in London we had a fairly big garden considering and it was a rose garden. Each of us three kids had our own rose to take care of. Mine was a Davids Gold and my sister's a Queen Elizabeth (that's her middle name). I don't remember my brother's - probably because he was more interested in bringing frog spawn back from Hampstead Heath and transplanting to a tub in our garden. Quite often you'd find a frog sitting in our outdoor toilet - yes outdoors - although to pull the chain to the cistern - you had to go back in the house to the kitchen!!! and we had to put coins in the gas meter and we had coal delivered into a basement type area at the front of the house. anyway enough of this. I am looking at the lake as I type this (Martin has gone to work in Albany). I'd rather work looking at the lake in my pjs!!! Hi to Julia. Sue


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