Monday, June 8, 2009

Two things that never come back

Two things that you can never get back are the words you speak and lost opportunities. So, be sure to think carefully before you speak those words, escpecially if you have any thought at all that you may regret them someday!
Lost opportunities - if you make a wrong judgement they could get you into the same trouble as those words you might regret - but I am thinking now mostly about more mundane opportunities, like taking that photo, like getting up to see the sun rise, like complimenting a friend, or a stranger, like telling someone you love them. I've missed chances in life, we all have. The house you should have bought, the girl/guy you let get away, the investment you missed, there are dozens of these biggies that are gone and we regret, but I am not talking about those opportunities now, I am talking about the little ones. Don't forget to tell your little grandson what a great job he did on the ball field today, to thank your wife for the special dinner she cooked, your parents for anything, friends - for being your friends. When you hear of something unusual that is going to happen take the trouble to witness it, meteor showers - ever seen one? It's worth watching - when one is announced in the paper take the opportunity to watch. The space station going over - get up and watch it. Is the sun going to come up tomorrow? Take the opportunity one day to check and make sure that it does! Your grandchildren's graduation, ballgame, science project, school play, first . . . whatever, don't miss the opportunity because it doesn't come back.

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