Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20th 1969

I've been busy lately. I meant to do a Blog on our fantastic achievement in 1969 of landing a man on the Moon and retuning him safely to Earth. Not many people know that I had a small part in the project myself, having worked at RAF Farnborough in the UK from 1961 to 1964. During this time the US Astronauts visited Farnborough several times to use our large Centrifuge. We also worked on ways of preventing another fire in the Capsule after the fatal fire that took the lives of several Astronauts. There were a number of other interesting experiments and tests that we did to further the project.
Having said that I have to say that I have been very disappointed in the progress in Space Exploration since the Moon Landing. I had fully expected by now, 40 years on, that we would at least have a Moon Colony with regular trips being made to the Moon. (I even had dreams of going myself.) Certainly I thought that my children and grandchildren would likely have been and find it "old hat". I thought we would have had manned trips to Mars, most of the other Planets and have ships on their way to the Stars. Instead, virtually nothing has happened, not even more trips to the Moon! Has such a long period gone by without major exploration since we set off in ships to explore the seas? I don't think so. We have stagnated. Sitting on our butts, we are going to drown in our own filth as we pollute and ruin our home, The Earth. We need to be looking for places to expand into (And ruin!) as we have done for centuries. If we stay here we are doomed.

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