Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food waste

As usual we had no food waste this week - when you keep chickens there is virtually never any waste! In fact I have to scrape around very carefully to find any treats to give them. I almost hope sometimes that something will get dropped on the floor and have to go into "The chickens pot". We have a cat, he is old and gets a lot of canned food, unlike us he is very wasteful and rarely eats all of his food! The chickens LOVE cat food, sometimes I am afraid that they will kill each other for it!!! The only thing that they love more than cat food is chicken scraps. After we have finished with a chicken Julia will put all the remains into a pot and boil the heck out of it to make soup or stock. What is left goes to the chickens, they love it. Same with the remains after we have had a meal of fried chicken, they will always find a few pieces that we missed. Last week we had crabs (From our pier - who can afford $60 for a dozen large crabs?) all the scraps go into the chicken run and they gobble up all that yucky mustard, the lungs, the guts, and every tiny piece of meat that was missed. Same with fish, also caught at our pier, when the meal is finished the skin and bones go in and in return we get a big thank you in the form of much clucking, scratching and egg laying. There is never any waste from our garden either, they love those tomatoes that are past their best or have been badly pecked by the birds, the lettuce that went to seed - a treat made for a king, or a chicken! All the carrot tops, beet skins, reject spinach leaves, seeds from the cantaloupes and squash, a cucumber that was left too long, they appreciate them all.

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