Friday, October 9, 2009

Food waste

Once again food waste in our household is minimal. It is getting hard to find "Treats" for our chickens. Every morning when I go out there to open them up they come running over to me and race up and down the fence excitedly. It is so nice to see 'someone' who is happy to see me! And they are so grateful for the meager treats that I give them - egg shells, (Broken up so they don't recognize them!) chicken bones after we have boiled them to death for soup, fish bones, tomatoes that have gone bad, carrot tops, cut up banana skins, left over cat food, corn after we have finished it - they get something off of it. A couple of days ago we had a crab "feast", the "feast" consisted of about three crabs each, there are not a lot of crabs in our Lake, but every couple of weeks we have a feast of 3 or 4 crabs each. They make a nice h'ordoevre to a meal. The chickens love to get the crab debris, they eat all the lungs, guts and every little scrap of meat that we missed.They love every little tit bit that I hand them. Fortunately we have friends who are not so frugal as we are and when they come over we hand them some eggs and they hand us bags of goodies for the chickens. A fair exchange.
If you are into trying for zero food waste go over to and check out her blog.

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  1. Well done on minimal food waste - it sounds like your chickens are very well looked after. I bet you get some great eggs from such happy chooks!


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