Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake update.

There is a lot happening at The Lake. The Cormorants arrived over a period of two days, and left just as quickly. I think there is a dearth of fish in The Lake, I am catching very very few, so I suspect the Cormorants had the same problem. The Great Blue Heron continues with its presence, I see it - or them - frequently, and if I go outside at night, as often as not I will hear it honking as it takes off and flies off in the dark. It must have very sensitive hearing or sight, because it honks and takes off as soon as I get down the steps onto the lawn.
The two big beautiful white Swans have returned. We have missed them for some weeks now and wondered what had happened to them. Maybe they went away for their annual vacation? Or maybe not! Anyway they are back and a very welcome addition to our daily bird sightings. Also spotted lately are some Vultures, Osprey and the usual LBJ's - Little Brown Jobs - that are abundant in our little copse of trees and bushes right outside of our bedroom windows. They include, but are definitely not limited to, Blue Jays, Robins, Wood Doves, Wrens, Sparrows and a mess of other birds that I don't recognise.
The trees of course are an absolute picture, I can hardly believe the colors. Julia and I regularly go to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to see the Fall leaves, often taking grandson Bradley with us, but we really don't need to this year, I think that the colors here as just as breathtaking as any that Virginia has to offer, plus we have the water as well. In the mornings, and sometimes during the day, if the water is very still, we get a "double dip" when we see the trees in their wonderful colorful mantles not once but twice! The second time of course is when they appear upside down reflected in the mirror like surface of The Lake. Well I have to go and look at the view again - I cannot bear to be away from it for too long, in case I miss something.
Wish you would visit us.

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