Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flooding at The Lake.

There is always something happening at The Lake. Today it is a flood, two tropical storms - remains of Hurricanes have come up the East Coast and we have been having a lot of rain for the last couple of days. Last night it rained steadily and it continued heavily today. The forecast is for anywhere from 5 to 10 inches with as much as 13 inches in some places. Our neighbor Bill Holt came over this evening to inform me that my pedal boat looked to be in danger of floating away (I have it pulled up on land) he was afraid that the water was going to come up high enough to float it off. It is full of water and I was not able to tip it to empty it myself, but Bill thought we would be able to do it together. We tried together but it wouldn't budge even a fraction of an inch! We tied the boat to a tree. He then suggested putting something heavy on the pier to keep it from pulling apart from the lift if the water came over it. We considered putting concrete blocks onto it, but decided against it. The rain was very heavy and so were the blocks!
I went down in the dark a short while ago - it is just past 11.00pm and the water was several inches above the pier! We have been here more than two years now and this is the first time that the water has come up over the pier. Tomorrow we will see if there was any damage.

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