Thursday, September 23, 2010

Solar "Stuff"

If you, like me, are into Solar Stuff, such as Solar Hot water, Solar electric, Hybrid cars or even Windmills, you may want to act on your impulses now rather than waiting until later.
We purchased a Hybrid car, a Toyota Prius, and are enjoying 52 mpg, cutting our gas bill in half, not to mention reducing our carbon footprint and helping to clean up the air.
We also installed a Solar Hot water system on our roof and once again, (we had such a unit on the roof of our Dock Road home for more than 25 years) are enjoying almost free hot water. And in the process reducing our use of electricity and therefore oil.
Solar electric is also in our plans and with the incentives available now we expect to recover almost 50% of its installation cost. (For the solar Hot Water and Solar Hot Air systems that we installed at Dock Road in the 80's we received incentives in the form of Federal and State income tax and County property tax that covered about 80% of the cost!)
However, if you are considering any of these Earth friendly, clean air, money saving moves you need to do it NOW because it would appear that the Republicans are about to take back control. And the Republicans are committed to rescinding the Solar Credits. They will bring back big oil, subsidize big cars, kill the Clean Air Act (Oops, Bush already did that) That is the Republican Agenda, screw anything to do with a clean environment, anything that is not favorable to Big Business is out, and that means solar incentives that could cut into oil profits. So if you are planning on doing it at all it's now or never!


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