Monday, November 15, 2010

The Deficit.

Forty cents of every Dollar that the US spends is borrowed!

Does that sound like a country that is overtaxed? I think the normal procedure is to spend a dollar for every dollar that you collect in taxes?

How long can we keep this up? To do this yourself for example - you earn $6 and then you borrow $4 and you then spend the $10. Or to put it another way, you earn $60,000 you then borrow $40,000 and spend the whole $100,000. Would you call this a responsible way to carry on? How long do you suppose you could keep this up?

And yet, the Republicans want to cut taxes to the RICH! This alone will cut tax revenue by $300 Billion a year (Or $1,000 for every man woman and child in the US!) We will have to borrow this money! In other words we will have to borrow $300 Billion dollars - from China? - TO GIVE TO THE RICH!! The rich are already rich beyond the wildest dreams of almost every American. The rich people are the 2% of Americans who make between $250,000 and $250,000,000 (And more!) So the 98% of Americans who make less than this will have to pay to borrow this money - that's 3 TRILLION dollars over the next ten years - to give to the rich, the already rich. Does this make sense to ANYONE? Even the rich? Even Warren Buffet the second richest man in the US says it is crazy!

Obama's Stimulus package already gave the biggest tax cut ever to the middle class tax payer (95% of Americans) Why don't the Democrats work with this? Tell us about their successes? The Republicans rant on about all the tax increases made by Obama - there have been none! And about taking away our guns - not one word has been said about that by the Democrats.

The Republicans are so much better at promoting themselves - with no worries at all about whether what they say is accurate or not, even outright lies are spouted repeatedly over and over until they take on a life of their own and are believed. Even obvious lies.

Obama's tax increases - wrong, he has CUT taxes to at least 95% of Americans since coming into office. Obama is going to take away our guns - wrong, not one word said about that. TARP was a waste of money - wrong, $700 billion loaned to banks, $660 billion paid back already. Obama should have let the car makers go under - wrong, GM is 60% owned by Americans now and made $2 Billion in profits in the last quarter! Chrysler is holding it's own and even making a slight profit, Ford never borrowed any money and made almost as much as GM last quarter.The bailout saved more than a million jobs. Obamacare will bankrupt us - wrong, it will extend Medicare for at least 12 years. And Illegal Aliens do not qualify for any benefits. (Other than treatment for life threatening injuries and illnesses at ER's, as anyone can, and should, get.)
Obama wants to set up Death Panels - wrong, more lies and scare tactics from Sarah Palin et al. And. if we allow the tax cut to the rich to expire in January, that alone will keep Medicare and Social Security solvent for at least another 75 years! Instead we (Republicans) want to borrow money to give to the 'already rich beyond our wildest dreams' Americans - and by doing so destroy Medicare and Social Security as well - all to give even more money to the ridiculously rich.

And the Wimpy Democrats say nothing about their accomplishments except "Sorry", keep quiet and hang their heads down. If the Republicans had accomplished half of what Obama has accomplished, they would be strutting around and hollering about it.

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