Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Eagle has landed, or in this case three Eagles! Just a quick update on The Lake. It is frozen, I wouldn't risk my neck on it, but it is frozen, although the temperature was up into the 40's for a while today and there are wet areas showing here and there. But the ice is still plenty thick enough to support a lot of birds, and there were a lot of birds out there today, including three Eagles. Yes, three Eagles. Two adult Bald Eagles and one immature Bald Eagle. We were unable to see what the attraction was, they were definitely eating something, but it was too far away to see just what, even with the binoculars. It was small, and that is all we could tell.
There were Seagulls too. Some of those Gulls are huge, almost as big as the Eagles and bigger than our chickens. I must study the bird book and see what kinds of Gull we have here. There were several types today, sizes varied from huge to big to medium.
Harry the Heron put in a showing, gliding across the frozen waste. What does he eat when The Lake is frozen?
Time to go, I said it was a quick update.

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