Friday, December 10, 2010

Food Waste Friday.

Friday again already! Searching through my refrigerator today I found - some chocolate. Well I certainly was not going to waste that! So into my mouth it went. Nothing else much of note, except a lonely crust of bread, so I fried up one of my lovely eggs - collected this morning, how fresh is that! And put it on the crust, delicious, nothing quite so tasty as a freshly laid fried egg.
Food waste Friday is not really fair for me to report on, as we keep a few chickens, virtually nothing gets wasted. the only thing they turn their noses, well beaks, up at is oranges, lemons, or any kind of citrus. If we will eat it, they will eat it. They are not keen on raw potatoes, carrot and other hard fruits and veg, but if it is cooked they love it. So we don't even waste potato peelings.

Merry Christmas everyone - those chickens will eventually get the Turkey scraps - after we have removed every scrap of meat for sandwiches or stews and then cooked it all down for hours, on the wood stove, for soup. After all that they get the "mush" which they gulp down as if it were free caviar!

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