Sunday, December 26, 2010


Now folks, we have all heard of Lake Effect Snow, right? Well I have the miniature version of lake effect snow, here at The Lake. I'm looking out now at my own rendition of that phenomenon, and while I cannot comment on whether the snow is building up on one side of The Lake or the other - because I am NOT about to go out in this and measure it, there is a definite effect of some kind or another.

There is a strong wind blowing and the effect of this wind is to send the snow across The Lake in clouds. I'm sure if I were out in it I would see it as driving snow. But from inside I see the wind pushing the snow sideways. It looks like a giant cloud of snow being propelled sideways by some unseen, but not unheard, force. Yes the wind is rattling not just the windows but everything outside not tied down.

I am glad to be inside during this, almost, raging storm.

Well, I do have to go out in it - to close up those poor chickens.

I already went over the road to feed our neighbors cat, they are out in it. On the way to Pittsburgh, can you imagine anyone wanting to got to Pittsburgh anytime, let alone in this mess?

I'm going to close the chickens, load up the fire and settle down to some TV, or a good book. (I am recommending Ken Follet's "World Without End." right now.)

Good night, keep warm.


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