Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Remembering Three Mile Island.

The present tragedy in Japan reminds me of Three Mile Island. Even after living through those scary times in 1979 I cannot begin to imagine the horror of living through one of the strongest earthquakes ever, plus a huge tsunami and then the "Problems" with 4 of the 6 nuclear reactors at the site.

I was working at The News American at the time. The News American was one of Baltimore's two newspapers at the time, the oldest one, now defunct. I was a District Manager and part of my work included collecting money from the carriers. This was done at various times during the month, I had 60 or 70 carriers in my district. One day in March I was due to head to the office for meetings, paper work and to deposit my collections from the previous week. The story was on the early news. The presses were stopped and the new headlines began to run.

I decided that in view of the happenings I would not deposit the money that I had collected, I think it was 2 or 3 thousand dollars, but instead I would hold it and deposit it next week - if we were still there! Fearing an evacuation of the area - they did evacuate the area around the reactor - not knowing if it would happen or how far the evacuation would stretch and having not only a wife but an 8 year old daughter I decided that it would be prudent to hold onto the money in case we had to drive to Florida or something. In such an eventuality food and gas prices would be very high!

Compounding the situation was a movie that had come out recently called "The China Syndrome" - starring Jane Fonda - in which a nuclear reactor comes close to a meltdown. There are stories that if it does melt down the core would go through the Earth to China! They also said that an area the size of Pennsylvania would be uninhabitable for centuries, etc, etc.

Nothing like that happened and I deposited the money the next week.

Disaster averted, what will happen this time? Eventually my guess is that we will have another disaster at least as bad as Chernobyl.

Is it possible that we will eventually decide, that if we do continue to build nuclear plants, just maybe we should not build them on fault lines? Seems like a good idea to me!

We just narrowly, perhaps, avoided a meltdown of our financial system, for now, brought on by greed and a lack of controls. Will we continue to reject proper controls in the area of Nuclear Power in our lives too? I think maybe not. If the continuing problems at the Japanese reactors continue and really get out of hand, I think we will have stronger controls brought in. The Nuclear Power Industry does not have anything like the power of Bankers, Wall Streeters and Politicians who we cannot restrain at all, but I am sure we will put curbs on Nuclear Power, and continue to limit our citizens rights while giving our Bankers and Politicians Open Season on us!! (Well, we don't GIVE them control over us, they just TAKE it. Of course we do nothing. Remember we voted for them to KEEP the 4% tax break that George W Bush gave them, even though the richest top 2% of Americans already pay only 16% in taxes compared to the average Americans 30% in taxes.)

I say send the Bankers and Politicians into the next Nuclear Plant Meltdown to control it. All those in favor say "YES".

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