Monday, February 27, 2012

Running down the Republicans.

Well at least I am being honest!
We all know who got us into the mess we are in now - The Republicans. The only thing that they are any good at (apart from running up the National Debt - 2/3 was made by Republicans) - is critizing the guy who is trying to fix the mess THEY made. I will give them that they are very good at critizing, but that is about all. They certainly are no good at connecting or compromising or helping. They are going all out to sabotage Obama at every turn. They seem to have no interest at all in fixing problems - problems that they made - or in helping anyone else to fix them.
In fact any plans that they do have - mostly cutting taxes for the wealthy and increasing taxes on the poor and middle class (soon to be the new poor if the GOP has it's way) will increase the National Debt substantialy. The WSJ and Money magazine etc agree that if any of the GOP candidates do what they say they want to do - cut taxes to the rich, they don't have any other plans that I can see - the National Debt will skyrocket again, as it always has under the Republicans.
It is not really necessary but I might as well point out that the present increasing National Debt is almost exclusively the fault of Republican policy. Namely starting two wars and not increasing taxes to pay for it, and then cutting taxes - to the rich - at the same time as they made no provision to pay for two wars!
Beyond belief.

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