Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An observation.

This is just a simple observation. Make of it what you will.
I think that the Republican Party is anti education because they know that once someone is educated they vote Democrat!
Doubtless if you are a Republican you will laugh at this and say that there are many educated Republicans. But, if you read any posts on line it is easy to tell the Republicans from the Democrats by the way they spell and the way that they express themselves. While it is not 100%, if the spelling is poor, the poster expresses themselves poorly, puts sentences together badly, it is almost always a Republican/Conservative.
I would say about three or four to one.
Does this explain why the Republicans want to make education difficult? Sure most Republicans can afford to put their children through college. And of course these children are firmly brought up in a Conservative environment and thoroughly brainwashed into the Republican way. They are told how bad the poor are. How being poor is their own fault. The poor are also criminals. No mention of some poor people being ill, disabled, mentally disturbed, and therefore unable to improve themselves, especially as they often have limited access to medical care.
It amazes me how the truly ignorant will vote Republican. To read some posts I really do wonder how some manage to support themselves, they are so paranoid, so hate filled and have so little idea of how anything works!
Many are completely removed from reality, thinking everything that they see on the Internet, on Fox news or hear on Rush et al is true!!
Just saying.

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