Friday, March 21, 2014

The ACA and abortion.

Are Corporations people? Do they have religious beliefs that can be violated? Am I crazy? Well you would probably think so if I believed that!
More likely is that the "Beliefs" are simply political.
So the ACA provides contraceptives. Abortions are against some peoples and some corporations beliefs. But :  -
For one thing the use of contraceptives do not cause abortions, even in the way of causing a fertilized egg to be aborted, because contraceptives don't do that, they prevent the egg from being released in the first place! So there is no egg to be fertilized and "aborted". And if the egg has been released a contraceptive does not affect it at all. The purpose and the way that contraceptives work has been shown to be that they stop the egg being released. So there cannot possibly be any form of abortion.
This has been shown in Europe and even the Catholic Church is OK with it! No egg, no possibility of conception, no baby to be aborted - and in any case contraceptives don't cause abortions. As I said before they prevent the eggs release.
The next step for conservatives would be to declare that an abortion has occurred after the first or second or third date, even if sex did not happen!
Just saying.

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