Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Blue. No, not Old Blue Eyes, although I am old and I do have blue eyes. (A beautiful young girl with beautiful brown eyes once told me that I had 'the most beautiful blue eyes') No, I am referring to Blue skies, Blue water, Blue birds and Blue flowers. I arrived home at 5 o'clock today and as usual went straight to the windows to look out at The Lake. And what did I see? I saw the most amazing Blue water reflecting the Bluest sky you ever could imagine and in the big green maple tree were no less than 5 BlueJays. I went outside, to enjoy it all the more and walked across, well not exactly a carpet, but through quite a lot of tiny Blue flowers. Blue is my favorite color - except when there are a lot of Yellow flowers! I was about to say that there are no yellow skies, yellow water and yellow birds, but I had no sooner thought it than I realized that there are indeed yellow birds. We see then flitting aorund here quite often, they are finches, the American Goldfinch to be precise. And a lot of birds have yellow legs too. Trees, well in the fall there are more yellow trees than you can count. That just leaves yellow water. Sounds gross doesn't it, reminds me of the old saying "Never eat yellow snow!" Hmm yellow water, got it, this morning I saw pink water, the pink morning sky was reflected in The Lake, so it follows that when we get a yellow sky reflected in The Lake I'll have my yellow water, and sure enough we had one of the most wonderful sunsets ever (Each one is more wonderful than the last, and when you get old you'll notice it more and more too. The older you get the more you realize the fewer of them there will be. So that helps to sharpen your senses and helps you notice them.) It was a golden sky and the water was a golden color, but I'll take it, gold is yellow right? Yellow gold. Golden yellow hair. Golden skin.
But I digress, as my Golden Girl tells me quite often. Maybe that is why I like Yellow, or Gold so much, because of My Golden Girl Julia, that is what I used to call her when she had golden hair, gold, suntanned skin and her favorite colors to wear were golds, yellows, tans, coppers, browns, all the colors of Fall. Or the Colors of Julia. Now I am Silver, but Julia is still My Gold.
Anyway, The Lake and everything around it was Blue today.
Let me just emphasize here that does not include my mood, which is good - whatever color that is!
Love and kisses to everyone today, Teach Tolerance. David XXX

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