Friday, March 11, 2011

They're Baaaacckk!

The Cormorants are back. I awoke this morning to see maybe 20 Cormorants scattered about The Lake. They were busy diving and presumably eating MY FISH! But I guess I can forgive them because they are such a delight to watch.

Last year there were as many as one or two hundred of them busily diving and reappearing individually, and sometimes in unison, all over The Lake. I expect to see many more in the days to come, these 20 may just be the vanguard - testing the waters, so to speak!

Perhaps if they find no significant numbers of fish they will go elsewhere? Obviously my feelings are divided in this area. If they remain and eat fish, that will mean there are a lot of fish here, which would be good for fishing, but on the other hand if there are 200 Cormorants eating MY FISH will there be any left for me to fish for? A conundrum indeed.

Meanwhile I will enjoy their antics.

Unfortunately I will be working at a Home Show for Highs in the Washington DC area for the next three days so I will miss seeing them. But I'll be back on Monday and doubtless they will still be here for my enjoyment. If the eating of MY FISH is the payment for watching their antics, then I have decided that it is worth the sacrifice.

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