Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giant Egret

A surprise awaited me this morning as I gazed out at my own personal piece of Heaven, (No you idiot, The Lake, not Julia.) because there, right outside of the window, was a beautiful Giant Egret stalking the shallows. I watched fascinated as he (or she?) busily thinned out The Lakes stocks of minnows and other small fish. As I watched, I wondered what those fish think about as they swim around in their own world, surely almost completely oblivious of a whole other Universe right next door to their own. All they can see of that Universe, from theirs, is a new "tree" towering from its base, right up through their realm and out into that "Other World" beyond their sight. A World that they can never visit. Then 'BAM', all of a sudden they are grabbed by a huge powerful pair of tongs, whisked completely up and out of their World into a entirely alien one, that they get to see see for a few brief terrifying seconds, until they are plunged deep into the even more terrifying world of the belly of one of the denizens of that 'other world' that they can never visit, except as food for the aliens.

Hmm, I wonder, do we live right next to another Cosmos that we are as entirely unaware of? Are we as unaware of a world right next to ours that we know as little about as the fish in my Lake know about our world? Just think, what do they know of us? They see our shadows, sometimes they see us if we pull them out of the water, they may even be lucky enough to survive the trip and be placed back into their own wonderful world, but what did they learn of our world from their brief visit? Do they now know about our homes, our family life, pets, TV, MacDonalds, cars, our forms of communication, books, education, politicians now? I don't think so. If there is another, or many other, forms of life as far above us as we are above fish, how could we possibly know about them? Why should we be the 'ultimate' form of life? I'm sure the fish thinks he is the top of the chain. The usual way of 'things' is that most 'things' are somewhere in the middle of a "bell curve", why should we be right on one side of that curve? Isn't it much more likely that we are more in the middle. In the scheme of things - and of bell curves - it is in fact highly unlikely that an item is going to fall all the way to one side. So, we are much much more likely to fall somewhere in the midstream. I must say that I would hope we fall more to the 'high end', but we are probably sort of Middling, more than a microbe, but less than a God. After all what kind of a job are we making of even taking care of ourselves and our kind? Pretty awful I'm sure we would all agree on that. We can't be even be a little bit Tolerant of each other, let alone care for or love each other. War, Hate, Envy, Stealing, Hurting, and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff is "What We Do Best", surely we cannot be the best the the Universe has to offer?
What do you think?
Have a Happy Day.

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