Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Planting trees.

I have been planting trees and bushes at the Lake House for the last few days and I am reminded of the old saying - "The best time to plant a tree is last year, the next best time is now." This is of course because everyone says, "If only I had planted it last year, I would have a tree by now." From there you go to, "Well you'd better plant it now - or next year you will be saying 'If only I had planted it last year . . ." Again. So, I am planting trees. I'm putting in more than I have room for, more than I need and more than I want, but, some will die and I can pick and choose among the rest which ones to keep. I can even try to move one or two, maybe they will survive and maybe they won't, but at least I won't be saying, "I wish I had planted those trees last year!"

Do it now.

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