Thursday, July 9, 2009

What about Watermelons?

"What about watermelons?" said the parking lot attendant. "OK" we said, confused,"What about watermelons?" He replied, "You get four for a dollar and one free." as he pointed across the parking lot at the largest pile of watermelons that I had ever seen.
We were in El Paso Texas, just across the border from Juarez Mexico. The time was June 1970. We, was my beautiful wife Julia and myself. If you think Julia is beautiful now you should have seen her in 1970. In 1970 she was 28 years old and 'breathtakingly beautiful' would be a more accurate description. But the attendant was not interested in her, he was only interested in selling his lovely watermelons. Who could resist 5 watermelons for $1.00? Even way back in 1970 that was unheard of. Certainly we couldn't resist and we were soon on our way with 5 big, beautiful, bright green watermelons.
But what were we going to do with 5 watermelons, we were not even all that keen on watermelons, it was not our favorite fruit. But at five for a dollar the deal was irresistable. We stopped and ate a watermelon. We drove on, it is HOT!! in El Paso. We needed ice for the watermelons, ice costs money. Just then we passed a family store at the side of the road. Going back, we went in and asked the owner, "Do you have any water melons?" His answer of "No." encouraged us and we asked "Do you like watermelons?" He looked puzzled, we repeated the question and we were even more encouraged when he replied "Yes." We exchanged a watermelon for a bag of ice. Further up the road we repeated the deal.
Just one of my memories of a full life. I have many more, if you'd like to hear another one leave me a comment. Just click on the 'comments' under this post and ask. I can tell you several stories about when we went into Mexico, or of our travels around the US for three months in a VW bus, or how about Texas at Christmas 1967, or, well you tell me a tale and I'll tell you one. Or two. Or more.

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