Friday, November 20, 2009

Food Waste Friday - dedicated to The Frugal Girl.

More news on my chickens, last week I told you how I now give them the water from anything we cook in water, like potatoes, beans, carrots, etc as well as any left over coffee or tea that was made with some milk. Now I have "The Fishing Report", as most of you know, we live on The Lake - a beautiful Lake of about 50 acres in Anne Arundel County. When I catch a nice fat white perch, which I do several times a week, I clean it and give the guts to the chickens. As I scale the fish I throw the scales back into The Lake - it all goes back into the Great Mother Earth! In other words, the scales dissolve into the water along with the fish heads etc and are made into more fish or crabs. When we have crabs I throw all the crab "trash" back into the water - after the chickens have had a go at it of course! Anyway, as I was throwing the guts to the chickens one day some scales that had stayed on the board went in - and they pecked them right up! So now not only do they get the guts they get the scales too! During the summer the fish heads of course go into the crab trap. But during the winter there are no crabs, so I have been throwing the heads into The Lake for whatever wants them. Now, when we have finished our fish dinner that we have about once or twice a week, the remains, in the form of bones, skin etc that we don't eat goes right to the chickens who treat it the same way I treat a chocolate bar - it is gone in approximately 2.8 seconds! But if I give them the raw head they turn their noses, excuse me - their beaks, up at it, just the same as I would. So now instead of throwing the heads into The Lake they get a quick boil and go into the chicken run. And very appreciative they are too. (The chickens, not the heads!)

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