Friday, November 20, 2009

Food waste.

As usual, no waste this week, of course there never is in this household - nor I imagine in any household that keeps a few chickens!

No new food sources to report this week either. I almost hesitate to mention one "staple" of our chickens. Our kitchen sink has one of those fine strainers in place of the usual trap. It is very fine and catches every tiny piece of food that would otherwise have gone into the septic system. It is surprising just how many times it gets loaded up in the average day. I empty it into the "Chicken Crock" several times a day.

I am not one for washing my dishes etc before putting them into the dishwasher, in fact I think it is crazy to waste your time and water to wash your dishes twice! But, If there is the smallest amount of food or crumbs on the plate or in the pot I scrape it into the sink before consigning them to the Bosch. When I give a fish the final wash and remove any remaining scales or guts into the sink - into the crock they go. Cleaning the crumbs from the bread machine or the plate of sandwiches? Into the sink or the crock. It's surprising how it can add up over a day. The chickens don't mind if its mixed up. It's their "First coffee of the day", when I go out to open them early with the Crock in one hand and MY First Coffee of the Day in my other hand! They greet me like a long lost friend! No one is happier to see me every day than my chickens!

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