Friday, November 6, 2009

I find this disgraceful

The world is trying to put together a 'fix' for the problem of Global Warming, most countries are making a serious effort to combat what is obviously, to any thinking person, a problem. More on that later. But meanwhile, the UK for example has committed itself to reducing its carbon output by 34% by 2020 -by the use of 1.7 million electric cars plus the support structure for them, new nuclear plants, 8,000 windmills and 4 new coal fired plants with carbon capture technology, among other things. Other countries, such as Japan and most European countries are moving towards reducing the output of their carbon and other pollutants. Now I come to what I find shameful, the US has not got together on what they are going to put forward at the conference in Copenhagen in a few weeks. Not one Republican will sit down and discuss what they are going to talk about at this conference! Not one! Not a single Republican! It is disgraceful, we should be leading the way on this problem, not least because we are the biggest polluter out there, by far. But mainly because we SHOULD be leading the world in this and in every other thing out there. Instead the Republicans are so intent on destroying "Their enemy", the Democrats, that they don't seem to care about anything else - including their own country. If we can't lead, as we have been doing for the last 100 years, we will have to get out of the way and let someone else lead. And I for one don't relish that one little bit! While we fight among ourselves - not even us really, it's the polititions who can't agree on anything, except how to rob us. They are not doing their jobs, and because they are not doing their jobs we all have to suffer. And boy are we suffering - and still they don't care! Meanwhile other countries are doing what we should be leading the world in doing - trying to fix the mess that we are getting our world into by working towards methods of producing clean enrgy.

The US is the reason there probably won't be an agreement in Copenhagen, they are the furthest away from making any concessions or agreements than anyone else.

Now for my little 'tickler' on lines 2 and 3 above - 'more on that later.' As I said, anyone with even a few brain cells left MUST realize that the world has a problem here. I realize that brain cells are in short supply, unlike carbon dioxide, perhaps because of an excess of drugs - legal as well as illegal - and bad food. I was in Switzerland recently and saw the Glaciers that I saw 53 years ago when I was there. Well, barely saw them, they are mostly gone, that alone is enough evidence for me, but we also have missing glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, and the US, the arctic ice sheet is the thinnest in hundreds of years, permafrost is melting in Russia and Alaska - people are losing their homes in Alaska as they sink into mud that used to be frozen ground. Sea levels are rising. There is more evidence of global warming than would fit onto a hundred Blogs; but we have idiots out there who refuse to see it, saying instead that it is a 'cycle that happens' every few thousand years. But this is happening hundreds of times faster than it has ever happened before! And we ARE putting HUGE amounts of carbon into the atmosphere - we are burning the oil and coal that took millions of years to make, in less than a century, plus burning the forests - that would absorb some of the CO2 if we left some there to do it.) The seas are absorbing a tremendous amount of carbon, but they too are reaching their limit as they become more and more acid - to a point that soon they may not be able to support life. Maybe that's why I can't seem to catch any fish lately!

What's that someone just said? We ARE leading the world - in poisoning our seas, our air, our water, ourselves and our children. And come to think of it our banks too, and as with the banks and wall street, it is all in the name of greed. As I have said before, capitalism is fine, it's great and would work just great, if only capitalists weren't so greedy.

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