Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lake Update.

We looked out at The Lake yesterday and saw two birds diving out in the middle. After watching for a few minutes two more appeared. At first we thought that they were Cormorants, but Julia, who has better long distance vision than I do, wasn't sure. Out came the binoculars and sure enough, they were some kind of duck. They had crests and white faces, but as I was unable to find the bird book I could not look them up. If anyone has any ideas about them let us know. When I find the book, I'll post their ID here.
Later on as I was checking my fishing rods the two Swans came up to the pier, they have been only occasional visitors to The Lake lately. We are hoping that they will be here for the winter as they were last year.
Most of the leaves are off of the trees on the far side of The Lake, but the trees on this side still seem to have quite a few left. I wonder why that is? They are the same kind of trees.

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