Monday, November 9, 2009

More "Fun" with figures.

I wonder how Americans would view the various wars we are in if we knew how much they cost us? How does this sound - if the US goes to war then Congress shall impose a "war tax", this tax would reflect the cost of the war. So, lets say the Iraq and Afghan war is costing the US $200,000,000,000 - 200 Billion dollars a year (I've seen most estimates going from $160 billion to $300 billion, so lets use $200Billion) - with about 100, 000, 000 - 100 million - families in the US that's $2,000 per family per year. Instead of taxing each family $2,000 it would have to be some kind of graduated tax, otherwise the people making say $1,000,000 a year or $30,000,000 a year would not notice it. As the average families income is probably around $50,000 a $2,000 tax on the average family would be about 4% of income. So someone making $20,000 a year would have fork out $800 a year or $16 a week , which would hurt I'm sure. Someone making $100,000 would pay $4,000 and someone making $1,000,000 would pay $40,000. This would have the effect of showing us how much our war is costing us in dollars, we already know what it is costing us in the lives and blood of our children. How do you suppose that would go down when we can see the dollars coming right out of our pockets?

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