Monday, November 9, 2009

Reflections . . .

. . . in The Lake. What a beautiful Autumn morning. I got up early because when I looked out of our bedroom windows at The Lake, a scene of almost etheral beauty met my eyes. The Lake was as calm as I have ever seen it in our year and a quarter here. There was a layer of very low cloud that was maybe 30 feet above The Lake to about 50 feet above The Lake, so it was like a long low misty ribbon stretching from the left side to the right side of The Lake. At the right side there was also a hillock of cloud. It was incredible. I got up quietly and taking my camera went out to get some pictures. The Lake was so still that after I had taken the pictures I literally could not tell which way was up! Except that a couple of the pictures had a floating log in them and of course although The Lake was reflecting the sky he sky was not reflecting The Lake, so I knew that the side with the logs was The Lake! There were no signs of any birds, just me and The Lake and the magical cloud - which soon dispersed. The cool early morning makes the water of The Lake very clear and I was able to see the bottom and even the fish easily. I grabbed a rod that I keep on the pier and with the addition of a nice fat worm was able to pull in a big curious Yellow Perch. He, yes it was a he, will make a nice addition to the three fish that I caught over the last couple of days, for our dinner tonight. Ah, what could be more perfect, a beautiful Lake, with beautiful fish, cooked by my beautiful wife. I think I may be in heaven.

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