Friday, May 14, 2010

Food waste

As usual in our household, there is no food waste. When you keep a few chickens nothing goes to waste! In fact, we waste so little ourselves that it is often hard to find any treats to give the chickens. Last night we had two couples over and we all had a good shrimp feast. No, there were no left-over shrimp! But there were a lot of shrimp shells and wouldn't you know it, chickens even like shrimp shells! So they were happy to feast on them, the scrapings off of the plates, beet skins and tops, plus a few other things like potato skins, carrot skins, bean ends, banana peels etc. They will reward us with some eggs.
There is very little that chickens won't eat, but one is anything citric, so the compost pile benefitted from the grapefruit skins, orange peels and such like.
When I mow the lawn, a pile of the clippings goes into the chicken run, the rest onto the compost.
Tuesday is recycle day and the recycle bin will go out at the curb, well filled with paper, plastic, glass and metal. Our trash can was emptied last Friday, it will go out again in about two weeks. Yes I put out one trash can about every 3 weeks, and it is usually less than half full - well it seems that almost everything is recyclable now, about the only thing going into our trash can now is the cats litter, debris from our vacuum and a few odds and ends like dirty paper towels. With no food waste, that doesn't go in there, even if we did not have chickens, any food scraps and byproducts (peelings etc) would either go onto the bird table or onto the compost pile.

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