Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three G's.

What are the three G's I hear you saying? God, Guns and Gays. Is it just me or are the Extremist Conservatives of the USA overly occupied with the three G's? It appears to me that their entire psyche is concerned with these things about which the rest of the world says, ho hum.

I say Grow Up America. The new British Prime minister - a Conservative, no less! - was asked how he felt about God, his reply, "I don't have a direct line." amused the British public as much as it amused me.

Guns, a dozen or so Brits are killed each year by guns, (As opposed to 50,000 or so in the US) The feeling there about guns? We are better off without them.

Gays - Yes, we have them.

That's it.

The recent election in the UK - six weeks of electioneering! Does that sound like heaven or not?

Compare that to here, where we have to suffer AT LEAST two years of political ads 24/7. I say at least, but in actual fact it is more like a permanent state of political advertising from the moment the election is over, every politician is concerned with one thing and one thing only - getting elected next time. Why? Most of them could make as much as their pitiful 200K to 300K a year or whatever they make as a Congressman or Senator, as a banker or lawyer or whatever it was they did on Main Street before they decided to annoy and rob us. I can only assume it is because they can make a lot more in other ways in their new capacity. A LOT more. As in millions more.

The longer I live here the more I am in favor of a fixed term for Congressmen and Senators. A one time term of six years sounds about right to me. Even the President is limited to two 4 year terms. Why should we allow these scoundrels to harrass and steal from us for an unlimited time?

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. Your British wit has not been dulled by living in the US.


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