Saturday, May 22, 2010

A great deal of activity on The Lake

Last year the Carp spawning happened on June 8th. This year it happened today - May 22nd. Now does this mean something? Like Global Warming? Or maybe their spawning is tied to the moons phase?

Whatever, The Lake was boiling today with the sexual antics of hundreds of Carp. I kid you not, hundreds, There was considerable thrashing and churning of the waters as the Carp flailed about in the shallow waters at the edge of The Lake. Sometimes it appeared to be just two fish, but at other times there were three or even four or more whipping around in a frenzy. The splashing wasn't happening all the time, as I said there were literally hundreds of fish out there but most of them were just swimming around - looking for a mate? I could stand on our bulkhead and looking down, see them swimming by. Most were around 2 feet long but there were quite a few of 3 feet and a couple of times I saw fish that were at least 4 feet long!!

I wonder if they are in The Lake all the time, but we only see them during the spawning season, or do they come into The Lake at this time of the year to mate?

There is a lot more activity, mostly from the birds. The saga of the Cananda Geese and their Goslings continues as does the attacks on the Geese by the pair of Swans. Last year the attacks were all by the male Swan while the female was sitting on their nest. In vain, I would add, as the eggs had ben oiled by the Dept of the Environment to prevent their hatching. As the female Swan is now patroling The Lake with the male I assume that the Dept must have broken the eggs or removed them this year.

I have seen at various times lately the Buzzards, the Great Blue Herons, a Great White Heron, Egrets, Osprey, Cormorants and the mysterious little white bird that dives into the water from on high.

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