Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lets cut our dependence on foreign oil.

O.K. - how to cut our dependence on foreign oil, Congressional style.
Get inside our politicians heads with this way to cut our dependence on foreign oil: -
Give a $100,000 tax break for people buying large SUV's, such as the Hummer (which gets 11 mpg)That should cut down on how much gas we use right?
Some "smart" guy also said how about giving a tax incentive to buyers of Hybrids (Some, such as the Toyota Prius get over 50 mpg) Reluctantly, this was also passed - but only up to a maximum of $2,000. And a rider was added on reducing the allowance by $500 a year until it phased out in 4 years. Another rider was added in, in case too many people took advantage of this generous offer, the tax help would only be allowed for he first 60,000 people to buy one.
There, job done, aren't we smart, THAT should help with our dependence on foreign oil!!
(By the way, just in case you think I was being funny, that IS true. The $100,000 tax break on BIG fuel INefficient fuel guzzlers and the $2,000 tax break on small fuel efficient gas sippers.)

Now, question, does that make sense to anyone? It sure doesn't to me.

Hows this for an idea? Give MAJOR incentives for anything that involves the reduced use of oil. How about Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Electric Systems, Wind Systems, Generation of electricity by any kind of sun, wind, water, wave, geothermal system - you name it - that is produced in this country! That would give us at least two results - reduced use of foreign oil, which would in turn produce reduced oil prices, and increased employment in the US. In case our politicians don't understand how that would work, it would mean that the systems would be made here, in America, which would mean American workers would be used to make them. Understand, comprehend, politicians? AND more American workers would be needed to install them. And service them. And sell them. This would give more Americans jobs - thus REDUCING unemployment. That was REDUCING not increasing unemployment. (You gotta explain it in VERY simple language to Politicians - or as a very good friend likes to call them "Pileofshitens")
I could probably come up with a hundred other ideas to reduce the use of foreign oil, and other stuff, most, if not all, of which would result in decreased use of foreign oil AND increased employment in the USA.

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