Monday, October 18, 2010

No Soc Sec rise again next year!

It seems that "Prices have not risen this year", so Social Security payments will not go up next year - for the second year in a row. Whoever decided that apparently has not been in the grocery stores and supermarkets that I use! I guess they run in different circles to me. The big screen, flat and the 3D TV's are dropping in price as are the big houses they enjoy. The stocks and bonds they like to buy are at record lows as are vacations and air flights. So overall "Prices are stable"! Unfortunately the people who rely on Soc. Sec. don't see things the same way as the robber barons that rule us. First class air fares may be dropping but the unleaded gas for the old 'uns ancient car is rising. House prices may be dropping but, if your old parents are fortunate enough to be homeowners, their property taxes are rising. Hey a fancy meal at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse may be on sale, but ground beef and beer went up, again.
So what is the deal here? I'll tell you what I think it is - the wanker Bankers have to get their multi million dollar bonuses, and someone has to pay for it. Who better than all those old people? What do they need money for, they'll only use it to buy stuff like newspapers, cigarettes, beer and food. And a movie once in a while. And they waste so much on drugs too, nasty stuff like Celebrex, various Statins, Ibuprofen, aspirin. Hey have you seen how they cut them in half? What is with that anyway? Say waiter, "Could you make that two lobster tails please?"
Where was I? Oh yes, the Bankers and their multi million dollar bonuses - did you see that the Wall Street bonuses are UP this year? Way up, $144 BILLION, well after last years puny payout, I ask you! I was worried, as I am sure they were, about how they were going to keep their big boats going, not to mention the helicopter and the his and hers Lear Jets.
Then there are the rich people with their TRILLION dollar tax cut, got to keep that going, or where would they be? I'd hate to see them dump their Porsche and have to drive a pissy Jaguar Or have to fly business class instead of first class.
No, the only thing to do if we are to keep our standard of living up is to pull in our belts and forgo that Social Security rise.
"You know Bill, it's hard to believe, but some of those old bastards still have some money left, they hang onto it like they hang onto life. I was thinking if we cut the interest rates down, we could keep even more for ourselves." "Good idea Clyde, but I've got an even better one, lets cut the interest rates down to just about nothing! Then see them squirm, they'll have to part with their money then. So we''ll get the interest that they were getting AND we'll get their money too!" "Fabulous, you'll get a BIG bonus for that idea alone Clyde. I can see that we'll be able to order another jet and a couple of new Mercedes for our first class trip to that "Conference." Clyde & Bill rub their hands and smirk at each other.
(SOCIAL Security - doesn't that sound a bit too much like Socialism to you Clyde? Maybe we should work on getting it eliminated when we get in again next year, can't have all those blood sucking Socialist Old People hurting our standard of living.)

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