Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today 29 or 30 Mowers arrived, it is hard to count them when there are so many. The "Mowers" in this case are Canada Geese. They were on our neighbor's lawn busily "mowing" away when I brought Julia her morning tea at 7.30. They must be just passing through as we have not seen more than an occasional few for several weeks now.
Fall has definitely arrived, the last few days we had temperatures as high as 85 degrees - the average at this time of year is usually 68 - but it is forecast to be in the low 60's for the next week.
The workmen arrived yesterday to begin installing 27 solar electric panels on our Southwest facing roof. They will return today to finish the job. A pessimist, like me, would now say, and I do, that the sun will now disappear from the sky forever! So, after some weeks without seeing the sun you will all know who to blame!
The sun is out now so I am going to enjoy my last sunny day, for who knows how long! On that pessimistic note I leave you, to rejoin my cup of coffee.

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