Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another comment on health care.

As much as Congress hates the new health care law why don't they repeal their own health care insurance? Let them pay for their own insurance, most of them can well afford it. (After all the health insurance companies spend more than 1 million dollars a DAY lobbying congress. For that you can read bribing Congress. That's 1.7 BILLION dollars bribing Congress just since 2006.) Then after just 5 years "Serving" us they get free health insurance for life!! Why should we pay for their health insurance? We have to pay for our own health insurance, why shouldn't they pay for their own?

They don't even pay for their staff's health insurance! We do. Why? Any other business pays, and if there is someone with an illness on staff, they pay more.

Our Congressmen pay nothing, either for their insurance or that of their employees.
They think that they are all above us and deserving of special treatment, special treatment for them, that we should pay for.

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