Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter, winter, winter.

Will it never end? We here in Maryland have been lucky this year, we seem to have escaped almost all of the snow "events" that the rest of the country has suffered through. But even so it has been cold and miserable. We have had the same number of storms but instead of getting 12", 24" and 30" of snow, we get 1" or less! Although we did get a "big" one last week when about 5" landed on us. But who can complain about that when New York got another 19"! With Philadelphia and Boston collecting similar amounts to add to their records.

The Lake is beautiful though, with lots of birds to watch. There were 4 Great Blue Herons on The Lake a few days ago, standing around in a group with some big Gulls and a couple of Turkey Vultures. We could not see what the interest was, but Julia thought there might be something dead there.

The Canada Geese continue to come back every day. I Have been feeding the birds, and there are a lot of Blue Jays, Crows, Grackles, Cardinals and assorted smaller birds at the feeders as well as the squirrels. The Canada Geese often come strutting in and clean up the spilled seed, so I got a bag of cracked corn and have been putting that out for the geese. I was surprised to see that the birds eat the corn too.
The promised ice "storm" and freezing rain did not arrive last night. But the danger is not yet over, the weather forecasters are still calling for a mix of freezing rain, ice, snow and rain over the next two days.
We will see.

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