Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lake Update.

I just don't know how anyone can bear to live anywhere else except on The Lake - I know that I can't!

I am looking out at yet another perfect sunset - how boring is that? Well the answer is of course, "Not at all boring." I can never, ever get tired of it.

There is the beautiful 'Silver Highway' that the sun has painted right across The Lake, and all over The Lake, the entire Lake, are millions and millions of diamonds, every single one flashing in the sunlight brighter even than that 5 carat that you bought your loved one.

Darting about are little tiny 'Sea Gulls', well they look like little Sea Gulls, they are white and shaped like Sea Gulls, and they dive into the water like Sea Gulls. I must find out just what they are - one day. I just don't seem to have time to find out things like that, I'd rather be watching the little Sea Gulls. And the big Sea Gulls, and the Crows and the Ducks, and of course the Canada Geese.

There are 10 Canada Geese out there right now 'mowing' my lawn for me. And fertilizing it too, all at the same time. How efficient is that?

Out of the 10 Geese, 3 of them have leg 'problems'. Two limp, and the third one brings one of his legs way up in the air when he/she walks, planting it firmly on the ground about three paces in front of him. He is doing what Julia calls "The Goose step!", and she is right, it looks just like Adolph Hitler's storm troopers as they goose stepped across the parade ground, and is almost as funny as they look when we watch them now on film. (They sure did not look funny in the 1930's and 40's, terrifying would be more like it.) But our goose stepping Canada Goose does not look terrifying at all. He looks funny and a little sad looking. We don't know what happened to cause the injury. Julia thinks maybe a particularly bad landing on the ice, now there is a funny sight. If you have never seen Geese landing on a frozen Lake, get ready to break something, it is funny.

Well everything is very still now, the sky is pink, and all is still. The temperatures reached into the 60's today. Yesterday or was it the day before it was 70. We have had tremendous winds over the last few days, but it could not be more calm now.

Maybe a good time to say goodnight and go get a rum punch.

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