Monday, February 21, 2011

More budget stuff.

Where can we cut the budget?

Let's see,

The % of the budget going to the Military is 54% (That includes our present military, wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, our past military including Vets and the interest on debt related to the military,) (The government leaves a lot of that out of the military buget- present wars for example are not included in the Military budget! Figure that out! They also don't include debt on military expendature - even though it is obvious that if it wern't for military spending we would have no debt! There are a few other military expenditures that are pushed off into other areas to make it look as though we spend more on Human Resources etc and less on the military.)

Human Resources, 30% (That includes Soc Sec, Medicare, Medicaid, Education etc.),

Everything else 16% (That includes the Government, Justice, IRS, EPA, NASA, Agriculture, Science, Interest on Debt other than military, and hundreds or thousands of other departments.)

Where can we cut? Well apparently not the Military or Human Resources, which only leaves Everything Else!

So lets start cutting!

EPA, - they only try to keep our air and water and food and land clean, Big Business will police themselves, so they are not needed, cut that.

NASA, they only give us hope for the future, exploration - what America was built on, only a few thousand inventions that have changed our lives have come from them. Not needed - cut them.

Science, bad word nowadays, what use is Science? What did it ever do for us? Cut that.

Teachers, Firemen, Police. Roads, Bridges, All rubbish. Cut them.

In fact lets cut everything except the Military and Human Resources budgets.

If we cut half of the entire Everything Else area we would save 8% of our budget! A figure that would barely be noticed by the Military! We spend more than the next 15 countrie's military budgets combined - and most of them are our Allies!

Can you begin to imagine what we could do in this country if we cut our Military budget even just in half? That would Triple our Everything Else budget! We would be able rebuild our infrastructure - roads, bridges, schools etc. We would be able to go to the Moon and explore the Planets, we would be able to have affordable Health Care for all our citizens. We might even be able to have some effective regulations to stop Big Business, Big Banks, and Wall Street from swindling us all!

Does this sound like a Dream? Can you even begin to imagine the hold that Big Business, Banks and Wall Street has over our politicians? No you cannot. To say they have our Pile of Shitens - sorry Politicians, in their back pockets is the understatement of the Century! We have no one on our side at all, the Politicians, Business, Banks and Wall Street look on us as their own personal Piggy Banks. Did you know that the 400 wealthiest Americans for example have more wealth than 50% of all Americans? Let me repeat that in a different way. 400 American Individuals have more wealth than 155 MILLION Americans COMBINED!!!

Now THAT is what I call an Income Gap! And we not only stand it, we even voted that these evil people should keep the 4% tax cut that George Bush gave them 10 years ago. (Even George knew we couldn't afford to give it to them forever, so he limited it to 10 years). Did you know that the average American pays 30% of his income in taxes, while the richest 1% of Americans pay only 16% in taxes?

But that is a Blog for another day. Let me know if you would like me to start on that one. I'd love to do one on Big Business, Banks and Wall Street and tell you how I think they have sucked us dry - with the help of our wonderful (not) politicians.

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