Monday, February 21, 2011

Looks like Gaddafi will soon be gone.

I am watching what is going on all the Middle East. People are rising up. It would seem that they are suddenly realizing what their "leaders" have been doing to them! Ben Ali of Tunisia - gone, Mubarak of Egypt - gone, Gaddaffi of Libya - soon to be gone. They haven't been leading "Their people" they have been dictating to them, and robbing them.

Now I ask you, is that any different than what the Robber Barons here are doing to us? Robbing us. I just saw in the paper that the CEO of Countrywide Mortgage got off scott free. He was made to pay back $67 million. I say made to, he was told to. I wonder if he ever will! But what does he care anyway, it was a mere token - he has $600 MILLION! A million people have lost their homes because of him! He robbed us of Billions of dollars, and he gets to keep his ill gotten gains. He doesn't go to prison for even a short time. He will get a pension from Countrywide, an office and use of a company jet whenever he wants to go somewhere. His victims get nothing. They have no home, no money, no savings, no retirement, many of them are out on the street. He keeps everything. In my opinion he and his kind are worse than Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi. There are hundreds of them out there. The CEO of Wells Fargo was paid $53 Million last year! Taken from you and me as surely as if he had taken it at gunpoint. He just did it "Legally". But how legal is it to take a paycheck of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars when you got that money by manipulating things in the financial community that took the savings of millions of people and put millions of people out of their homes?

The greed of these bankers is beyond belief. They have no concern at all for the people that they have made bankrupt and put out of their homes, in smany cases onto the street. Their only concern is how THEY can screw another million or another billion dollars out of us.

To my mind that is at least as bad as what the Middle Eastern Dictators are doing to their citizens. At least the citizens there seem to have finally been able to make a comeback. Here in America we will never be able to get our money back from the bankers. They have the full backing of the US government, in the form of our politicians, who are completely in the pockets of the bankers. Their retirement years (the politicians) depends upon the bankers.

Hey we just gave Wall Street and the bankers like Goldman Sachs $14 TRILLION in "Bailouts". (That amounts to something like $40,000 for every man woman and child in the US!) And they will keep coming back for more - it's like an addict, they can't stop. I doubt if they will stop even when they have it all, yes even when they have taken every dollar that every American has they will keep on trying to rob us. If you have a loaf of bread that you made, or your chicken laid an egg, they will want that. (And they wouldn't even be satisfied with the egg, they'd want the chicken too. And as greedy as they are they would EAT the chicken!)

And I wouldn't mind betting that we would STILL vote for them to get a lower tax rate. (Or perhaps by then we would have voted for them to not pay any taxes.) what would they do then poor things? I know, they would get us to vote for a negative tax rate for the richest Americans, so they could spend us out of the depression. Give me a break.

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