Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Late arrivals.

Two Canada Geese Goslings have just arrived. We usually get two or three batches of 8 to 10 goslings each, but this year nothing. They normaly arrive in the middle to the end of May, here it is June 7th, so we had long since given up when Julia saw these two tiny chicks just yesterday. They are out there again today, each with it's own 'guardian'. We have no ideas why they are so late this year, or if these two will be the only two. Julia is holding out hope that there are more waiting to be born. If this is to be all, we wonder what happened to the otheres - did the DNR oil the eggs because there are too many for The Lake to support? Did the Fox get the eggs, or the babies? Did a Pike or two get them as they were swimming? Do Osprey like Goslings for a meal? Or dogs? No doubt we will never know, but for now there are two babies for Julia to enjoy.

We also look forward to the annual Carp "run". This usually happens in early to mid June, but perhaps everything will be late this year? We will see. I keep looking anxiously for the Carp spawning in The Lake. These huge Carp thrash aorund in the shallows. It is unbelievable to me that there are three and four foot long - or longer - Carp swimming around in The Lake without us ever seeing them except in June. Or do they come into The Lake just to spawn in June and then leave?

Who knows?

That IS a question by the way, if you do know, please tell me.


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