Friday, June 10, 2011

Three more Goslings.

Yesterday three more Goslings showed up. They were right outside on our lawn with their parents. So now we have two sets of "Families", one has just two babies - very small - and the other has three larger babies, we wonder where the older ones have been as they are quite a bit older than the two tiny ones.
Even now as I look out at The Lake I can see both sets of babies and their parents gliding by in a perfectly straight line. In the lead are the three older babies sandwiched between their parents and following directly behind are the two small goslings.
So it is a straight line, first a parent then three babies, another parent, another parent, two babies and then another parent, all in a line.
Across The Lake, well actually on the left side of The Lake is a group of about 15 adult Canada Geese. It is a bucolic scene indeed.

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