Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Lake is a nursery.

We were seated in the sitting area of our bedroom this morning watching The Lake and its inhabitants when the pair of Canada Geese with the three large babies swam into view near our pier. As we idly watched them, Julia with several Oh and Ahs, another pair of the beautiful birds swam into view with two Goslings. But something was wrong, these two were almost as large as the triplets that we could still see. We knew that there were two tiny babies, but they could not possibly have grown to the size of their large cousins in just a day or two. As we pondered this mystery the two tiny babies paddled into view. The mystery was solved - we now had three sets of baby Goslings!

How these two had escaped our notice we do not know. Apparently these birds must spend large amounts of time elsewhere on The Lake, and have only just got around to visiting us here.

So, it is a wonderful sight indeed to now see three sets of young Geese, each being displayed by their proud parents.

It is still a mystery why there are such small broods this year, usually there are batches of 8 to 12 Goslings in each group and we do usually have 2 or 3 groups. So the question is have they had fewer babies this year because that is a natural cycle or because an animal ate some of the eggs - which seems unlikely, they would probably eat them all - or did the DNR oil some of their eggs leaving just a few to relieve pressure on The Lake. Or is there yet another explanation?

Meanwhile we continue to enjoy it all.

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