Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Bald Eagle.

Yes, great excitement here at The Lake and in the Liddle household as we observed a Big Beautiful Bald Eagle in our little backyard! I was sitting in our bedroom, which has an expansive view of our garden, The Lake and its Flora & Fauna, when all of a sudden a large bird flew straight towards me and landed in a tree not more than 50 or 60 feet from me. I shouted to Julia to come. She grabbed the binoculars and confirmed my diagnosis - a Bald Eagle was standing proudly in a maple tree just outside of our bedroom window! How exciting is that?
We watched breathlessly as it bobbed up and down, appearing and disappearing behind the dense leaf cover. Then it took off and landed in a dead tree next door. A perfect view. But more to come, ANOTHER Bald Eagle appeared and landed in the dead tree. At first I though it was the mate of the first bird, but Julia soon corrected me, it was in fact an immature Bald Eagle. We watched them both for several minutes, small birds seemed to be dive bombing them. I guess they are a danger to their nests. After a few more minutes they both took off and landed in yet another dead tree several hundred yards away before flying off.

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