Sunday, June 12, 2011

It was a British Movie.

What was? "Men Behaving Badly." was, and how appropriate a title is it nowadays?

I am not even going to try to list the l o n g, l o n g list of men who have behaved badly! It would take up too many pages in my always too long a Blog anyway. But you know most of them, from Presidents to Governors to Senators to Congressmen, to Representatives, to Leaders in other fields such as Sports, Religion, etc.

When you were thinking through the list of these men who cheated on their wives with women, men, prostitutes and so on, did you notice that they were all men?

When was the last time that you read a story about women in politics, who behaved badly? I can't remember one, can you?

Lets think about it. Obviously women must have affairs with other men, other women etc. So why don't we hear about them? Could it be that they are smarter than us men? Could it be that they realize that if they are in the public eye they should not indulge in that kind of behaviour? And if they do, is it possible that they don't tell about it, that they don't Tweet, Facebook or e-mail about it - reveal it ON LINE!!! If that is the case, I put it to you that yes, they must indeed be smarter than us men. In which case it is more than obvious that we need to have more women in politics and other positions of power.

When was the last time you saw Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or any other woman politician biting her bottom lip, in the glare of the TV lights, while making a teary eyed confession and apologizing for their infidelity, lies and mistakes?

I put it to you that the world would be a better place if we had more women politicians. Right now we are depending on these "men" to make decisions for us about our Health Care, our Money, our Children, our Taxes, even War & Peace. You only have to look at their marriages to see the quality of their decisions making powers! With this kind of decision making judgement do we really want them making other more important decisions affecting us, (Like the decisions they make in apparently, to them, unimportant areas of their lives like their wives and children.)

(An aside here, did you know that out of the 180 other countries in the world the USA ranks 90th in the number of women politicians? Countries with a larger % of women politicians include Uganda!, Argentina, India, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Tanzania, Egypt, and even Iraq, Iran, Cuba, South Africa and on and on!!)

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