Thursday, July 28, 2011


We deserve clean air and water. The government should protect us against those who would pollute our environment. Pretty simple huh?

But, there are way too many members of Congress looking for Corporate bribes or contributions, who are doing everything they can to stop the EPA from enforcing what is the clear intent of the Clean Air and Clean Water laws. Congress and polluters are going to slash our Environmental safety net even more than they already have, which will jeopardize fish and wildlife habitats all across America.

One of the first attacks was the Supreme Court decision that allowed Corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to bribe politicians. A virtual deluge of Big Polluter money flooded in. Even moderate lawmakers in fear of these Corporations and arousing their wrath are voting to cripple environmental laws.

Special interests, mostly big polluters, spent $4 Billion on last falls Congressional elections.

Big Oil, Big Agriculture and other Big Polluters are spending Billions on misleading advertising. Telling us how clean and safe are Coal, Oil, Nuclear, Gas fracking etc, which we know is untrue but which the ignorant believe. After all they say - it MUST be true because it is on TV/Internet/Radio/newspaper etc.

Once upon a time all environmental funding was a miserable 2% of the federal budget, now it is 1/2 of 1%. That is for all the National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and all other environmental and resource programs combined. And the Republicans want to slash them even more. Congress just passed another bill to stop the EPA from enforcing rules that would protect our health and our climate. This will undoubtedly increase our health costs enormously. But of course more importantly to Congress it will cut costs to big Polluting Corporations, and even more importantly increase bribes to Congressmen from those Corporations. Big Polluters will now be able to flout legal restrictions on dumping contaminants into the air, rivers and onto the ground. The EPA will effectively be handcuffed.

Pollution from mercury and other poisonous emissions cause hundreds of thousands of serious illnesses annually, including asthma, which has become a virtual epidemic among our children. Some scientists say that every $1 spent on pollution control saves as much as $20 or $30 in health care costs.

Further uncontrolled pollution by unscrupulous Corporations will further ruin our air, increased carbon build up in the air will trap more heat, overheating the Earth even more than it already has. As the oceans warm up - they have already - we get more moisture in the atmosphere and therefore more intense storms. Noticed that? Massive Floods, Heatwaves, Rains and Snowstorms all over, not just in the US, but all over the world.

I despair for us all. Big Business, Big Polluters and The Rich have complete control of Congress and therefore of our Health, our Air, our Water, our Environment and of every aspect of our lives. We have no control at all left, somehow the Extremist Conservatives have taken control of our world, and they have no mercy for the poor, the sick, the disabled, the middle class or anyone who pays taxes - they don't, or if there are few rich that still make tiny tax`payments, that too will soon be stopped.

Enjoy anything that you have left while you can because it will soon be taken from you.

David. XXX

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