Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New mileage rules.

Well now I guess Congress is going to be busy trying to derail the new auto mpg rules. What was Obama thinking of? He must like being attacked. Of course if he defends his beliefs the way he has done so far in his term as President I expect the mpg rules to not only go back to what they are now but he will probaly manage to get them rolled back even further! If he really tries he might manage to get them halved instead of doubled!

To start with, Big Oil will be all over Congress with Big Money, as usual, to bribe them. Then there are our "Friends" in the Middle East who will be bribing Congress - sorry 'Lobbying' - them with Big Money.

And don't forget the Environment, if we use less oil it could make our air and water cleaner. That would never do, so Big Health Care BUSINESS will be Lobbying Congress - sorry - bribing, Sorry, lobbying - it is so confusing isn't it? - to keep using lots of nasty oil, to keep the air dirty so that asthma medication and all those other very expensive, and profitable, medications can continue to flow like the pollution that is flowing into our lakes, rivers, air and ground, once Congress gets the EPA completely evicerated it will be even worse, if that is possible. So far they have only managed to cut EPA's funding by about half and stopped them from enforcing the rules that they do have. But this will not be enough for our polluters, they want a completely free rein to pollute at will with NO chance of being brought to trial, even in the court of public opinion. The far right Conservatives are so 'good' at disemination "information" that even the poor think that keeping our air and water clean is too expensive, so even they support the Big Polluters. Our children, our parents and even ourselves get sicker by the year from the constant attack on our environment by Big Business. All in the name of profit. There can never be enough profit, and no cost is too large, including our Health - in fact especially our Health because of course Big Health makes Big Profits from sick people.
Did you notice that Exxon's profits were UP 41% over last years profits? But apparently even that was not good enough, their shares DROPPED $2 a share - because "The Market" had expected their profits to be higher than that!! More than a 41% increase in PROFITS!! Not enough of an increase! Last year they made a $53 Billion PROFIT - that is profit, not total take, just profit, and on that profit they paid NO tax, not one single penny in tax. Tell me again Mr Conservative about how the American Corporations pay too much tax! And how we have to cut their tax rate even more - please tell me how can you pay less than nothing? Ah, yes of couse you CAN, it is called subsidies and tax credits (GM, another "poor little company" that you may have heard of,) didn't just pay NO tax last year they received an almost $2 Billion tax credit from the US government. (Please don't forget that money came from YOUR TAXES.) Yes, you paid taxes and your government gave it to Big Business. $2 billion dollars is the equivalent of $7 from EVERY MAN, WOMAN & CHILD in the US, so if you are a family of 4 you gave $28 to GE. Not too bad you think? But the same amount went to Skank of America - sorry Bank of America - Billions more to subsidize other oil companies, big agriculture companies that make billions in profits and receive billions in subsidies! And it goes on and on, there are hundreds of companies, maybe thousands, that get subsidies and tax credits - from your tax dollar. And all they have to do to get them is give our wonderful Congressmen and women bribes. (Congress calls it lobbying - lobbyists give them money, I call it bribes, they call it legal, because they make the laws. Including exempting themselves from many of the laws that they pass to keep us under control, while they are completely out of control.)

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