Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are a lot of "Quotes" posted on the Internet. I just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in about them. In my, considerable, experience with checking out these quotes I would like to say that they are almost always either mistakes, errors, made up or more often outright lies.

I just read one about our President. I can immediately imagine that 50% of my readers are already saying "It is true". The other 50% are either saying "it is probably not true." or they are saying lets see it. Well I am not going to post it, because it is 100% made up. And the 50% who said "It's true" without seeing it, would almost undoubtedly pass it on.,

What I will do is print the first sentence in the post, which is - "I ceased to advertise my mothers race". I will then tell you that these 7 words were taken from a much longer sentence which was in turn part of a paragraph. When a few words are pulled out of a sentence and presented as a complete sentence it does not take an English major to know that the entire meaning of the sentence, and paragraph is probably changed entirely. As was the case with this "Sentence". And it was obviously intended that you would misconstrue it, by someone who is consumed with hatred and has no problem with telling lies. This person is of a much worse character than that the person whose character he is trying to assassinate.

Anyone who believes the hundreds of stories making the rounds, without first checking out their veracity, is as guilty as the person starting them. If not more guilty.

There are stories being made up on the Internet by the thousands, mostly about politicians (most of whom deserve to be criticized!) but also about companies, and others. None of them, or anyone, deserves to be lied about. And it is my experience that AT LEAST 95% of these stories are either mistakes or outright lies. Usually completely fabricated.

Having said that I know that I have wasted my time, Conservatives or Liberals will believe whatever story they read and want to believe. The more outrageous it is, the more likely they are to believe it, and the more likely, and the faster to pass it on!

For my part I believe that the Internet will destroy us. It is getting more and more difficult to believe anything that is published. Even if it is true - how likely is that? you don't know whether to believe it or not.

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