Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tea Party.

Some common sense appears to be returning to at least some segments of the American public - approval rates for the Tea Party are dropping.
After their showing in the debt ceiling debate where everyone acted like a bunch of spoiled kids in the back seat of the car on a road trip across Texas, in August, with no air conditioner, it is welcome news indeed.
As more and more Americans learn about this disturbing party their approval rating drops, thank goodness.
Shouting in loud strident voices that Government is the enemy, taxes are bad, death panels are sweeping senior centers, Obama wants to destroy America, appeals to some, but not all of us, I am glad to see. Maybe we will wake up and see what these extremist fear mongers are doing to our country. They have taken control of what was once one of the great parties that along with the other fine party provided the country with balance.
Their only purpose appears to be to destroy the economy. Why? So that THEY can 'save' it?

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