Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Lake in Thick Fog.

As I have said many times The Lake looks different every day, even each hour, and sometimes by the minute.

Yesterday and today we had fog early. Today it was not as thick as yesterday, I could still see the shadowy outline of the trees on the far shore, whereas yesterday I could barely even see the form of the pier which is only 100 feet from the house.

There is something eerie about thick fog, sounds are at least muted or sometimes non-existent. I wonder, is that the blanketing effect of the fog or do the birds and insects "Go quiet" in fog?

I'll have to pay closer attention next time it happens. With double glazing and secure in our own little cocoon here you can barely hear anything even when it isn't foggy, so when the next fog falls on us I will have to go outside and listen.

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