Friday, September 30, 2011

Corporations are people too?

Well that is what the Supreme Court says. And Mitt Romney as well.

But I think that I would disagree with that assessment.

Corporations can last for hundreds of years, people can't.

Corporations can't go to prison, people can.

Corporations can't be executed, people can.

Corporations can steal millions of dollars from the government and continue to work for, and steal from, the government. People can't.

Corporations can have incomes in the hundreds of billions of dollars and profits in the tens of billions of dollars and pay no tax. People can't. Well, maybe there are some that can do that, if they have friends in high places, like Congress, and if they make huge political donations, like Corporations do.

O.K. differences are starting to fade. I'd better end this post before I start to agree with Mitt Romney! That would never do.

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