Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New bank fees.

Just a quick comment on the new bank fees. First, we bailed out the banks because their "get rich quick" schemes emptied their accounts - theirs and ours - and drove the US economy to the brink.

Now they are whining that they don't have enough money. (For what? Their bonuses, that were huge in the years they were bankrupting themselves and us, and even bigger when we gave them money to rescue themselves. Now I suppose they are afraid they may not be able to pay themselves even bigger bonuses.)

So they are going to charge us $5 a month to spend our own money! Five dollars for a transaction that costs them almost nothing to process. That is $60 a year. I guess if they have a customer base of several million that will give them another year of their obscene bonuses. Let me see 5 million accounts times $60 equals $300 million, yes that will give us all a small bonus this year. (That would be one bank)

And don't think it will end there, these people have huge immaginations when it comes to ways of stealing our money.

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